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These Bread Machine Tips Will Help You Whip Up Some Mouth-Watering Dishes

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These Bread Machine Tips Will Help You Whip Up Some Mouth-Watering Dishes

Using a toastmaster bread machine can be daunting if it is your first try with the appliance. If you are nodding in head in agreement, there is good news! Given below are some fool proof tips and tricks that will make you fall in love with the efficiency of your bread machine:

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The Order Matters

Most people do not realize that following the order in which the manufacturer suggests adding the ingredients is not only recommended but essential! Follow the recipes and take note of which ingredient to add first and so on. Generally, liquids and yeast are added first, the dry ingredients next, and last is the butter.

The Kind of Yeast Used Is Important

Most recipes recommend the use of bread machine yeast and this generally gives a better result than regular yeast. If you have no option but to replace it with regular yeast, check with the recipe. For some recipes regular yeast works just fine while for some bread machine yeast is a necessity.

When to add the extra ingredients?

This is one of those steps that most people disregard but it can be crucial. When adding the extra ingredients like chopped nuts, spices, or oats, wait till the dough ball has already started forming. If these ingredients are added in the beginning, the dough may not mix properly.

Detach the Basket When Adding Ingredients  

Many people add the ingredients without getting the basket out and while this may seem to be a time saving option at the moment, it’s really not. Your ingredients may spill and when they do they will get stuck to the moving or electrical parts of your machine. This will be impossible to clean and risks damage to the machine. Taking the basket out will allow any spills to fall on the kitchen counter which can be easily wiped.

Although the working of Toastmaster Bread Machine is easy to master, few functions may be misunderstood by beginners. Use these tips to make your work easier!

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